The words we never say



Why is it so hard to say “I love you” to the people we love ? And why during difficult times we regret the things we didn’t say ?

The thought of losing someone is unbearable, well for most people at least. We know we love them, and they know it too. But a little reassurance never hurt once in a while. So why do we never say the words ? Is it the fear of being too sentimental ? Or do we just think that because they must know that it is not necessary to say it ? Well it is necessary and very important. In a world where everything is based on money, career or material it is a beautiful thing to love uncondionally and show it, it is the most important and powerful thing in the world.

One day you wake up in a situation that you didn’t think could happen so soon, until you are facing life’s reality. Of course, we all know that at some point we are going to face, one day, a loss in our lives. It is life after all.

Suddenly guilt and regret are the only feelings that you can think of, or feel. Deep inside those feelings are related to love, it is love that makes you feel guilty, guilty of not saying it or not saying it sooner.

Don’t wake up with regrets, don’t wait until it’s too late, say those words when they can hear them.

With love



Shoes : Zara (Last year)/ Pants : Zara / Coat : Ryujee / Jumper : Stand Privé / Bag : Vintage (it was my mom’s).




  1. February 11, 2019 / 6:48 pm

    These photos are gorgeous!

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